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Among so many building contractors in London, finding a decent honest builder who has good attention to detail, keeps in touch throughout the project, and doesn't cost the earth is not easy. We've all heard the horror stories. Even when a builder or construction company is recommended to you by a friend, your experience can differ markedly from theirs. So what is the best way of chosing a building contractor?


Obviously the quality of past construction projects is a good measure of a contractor's abilities, and we've included some before and after images of our past building projects. But how do you know this isn't all just good marketing? At LUGINA we go a step further and offer you an iron-clad contractual guarantee, or your money back. We will guarantee that:



Of course, if you decide to make changes to the building project that may have implications on the budget or timeframe we will discuss these changes with you before going ahead so that all parties are on the same page.


Furthermore, LUGINA will give you a choice as to what kind of contractual arrangement you prefer to have with us. You can opt for an "open-book" arrangement whereby we present you with all receipts and invoices for building materials and labour, and then we charge a fee on top of this (known as "builder's profit"). Or you can opt for a lump sum arrangement whereby you pay a one-off price (in installments) for the entire build and let us worry about the rest. Which to go for depends on how involved in the build you want to be: the open book contract is more transparent but is only useful if you are prepared to check every receipt. The lump sum arrangement takes care of the whole build without you having to worry about what exactly is being spent on what. In both cases you will be presented with a detailed breakdown of build costs which you can check and verify before anything is signed.


We will consider building projects of any size and variety, from re-tiling a bathroom to a full two storey extension. Our prices obviously depend on the project size and shape, but for approximate prices please click here. An important note: you will always be able to find a cheaper building contractor, but it is crucial that you understand why they are able to offer such "good value", as in most instances it will come down to using cheaper building materials and inexperienced workmen, both of which will cost you a lot more in the long run.


For a more accurate no-obligation quotation please get in touch.



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