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There are some building projects for which a trained and qualified architect is indispensable. Larger, more complex builds which can afford a certain level of artistic freedom benefit greatly from an architect's experience, and we can recommend an architect if this is what your build demands.
However, this experience comes at a price: for their home design services London based architects usually charge a fixed percentage of the total build cost, meaning that their fees will often reach several thousand pounds, even for a relatively simple rear extension.
For simple and straightforward home design drawings and planning permission drawings that are realistic and that keep build costs and timescales down, our Design and Drawings Service is very suitable. For a fraction of an architect's fees, LUGINA will:
• Measure and photograph your house.
• Produce accurate ‘Existing’ Drawings.
• Produce accurate ‘Proposed’ Drawings.
• Optional 3D plans where you feel these will help you visualise your project
• FREE Drawing alterations.
• Talk to your Local Authority to discuss your proposals BEFORE submission of any Planning Applications.
• Complete and submit your Planning Application to your Local Authority.
• Liaise with your Local Authority to obtain approval for your Planning Application.
• Complete and submit your Building Regulation application to your Local Authority or Approved Inspector.
• Liaise with your Local Authority to gain Approval for your Building Regulations.
• Make additional FREE alterations to drawings to obtain Local Authority approval.

Architectural drawings pricelist

Architectural Drawings Price List



We also provide you with the following:
• FREE PDF Files of the drawings for your project.
• FREE hard copies of CAD drawings for your project.
• FREE hard copies of any correspondence received from your Local Authority.
Our prices are obviously dependant on the project specifications. As a rough guide however, for a single storey extension our prices start at £2,495. This will include architectural drawings such as floorplans, side and rear elevations and sections, which can all be modified until you are happy with the result. Larger construction projects such as new builds, two storey extensions, or for home designs involving multiple rooms will be slightly more.
Our prices are fixed and very competitive. However, if you have a specific requirement, please get in touch for advice.



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Architectural drawings example Architectural drawings pricelist