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Do I need planning permission? How to get planning permission? are the most questions we get asked, and for good reason.

Even for medium sized building projects such as extensions, gaining planning permission is often the first real hurdle you will face. Because it is a very time-consuming affair, even with the smoothest application taking at least two months to complete, it is really important to get it right the first time, as a resubmission can take another 3 to 6 months.


Planning permission drawings are of course very important, but so are the other elements of the planning permission application, particularly the Design & Access Statement, which states how the house extension will look, what building materials will be used, and why planning permission should be granted. This can sometimes be accompanied by a Right to Light report, which is a technical analysis of how the new building will affect the amount of light you and your neighbours get.


The Planning Departments of local councils isn't there to catch you out, although it can sometimes feel like it. They are genuinely trying to avoid having the community ruined by eye-sores. But what is an eye-sore and what is not does eventually come down to opinion, and this is where our expertise can help. LUGINA has experience and knowledge of how local councils make their decisions, and has a strong track record of gaining planning permission where other applications have failed, usually due to a small technicality which is barely noticeable in the final result. For each planning permission application, LUGINA will:



Our prices depend on the building project size and on the area (for example, whether it is a conservation area). The price is also affected by how much documentation may be required: a Right to Light analysis can add to the cost, for example. Ordering the entire planning permission application service as a package is much more cost effective than ordering the various individual services. Additionally, when the planning service is combined with our Design and Layout service, significant cost efficiencies can be realised: get 10% off the price of both services when you order them together at the same time.


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