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The importance of effective building project management cannot be stressed enough. There is a reason professional property development companies and large commercial building contractors plan their projects right down to the smallest detail: it is the only way to predict problems before they happen.


Your project might not involve building a football stadium or shopping centre, but it will still require some sort of plan. You need to ask yourself some basic questions: what are the total building costs (building materials and labour)? What are the building costs per square metre? How much is a square metre worth in your area of London? And therefore is my building project financially viable? There are building cost calculators out there on the net, but they only give you a very general idea so you'll need to tailor your plan to your own building project. For most home renovations, extensions, and conversions, a project plan would include some or all of the following:



The level of detail of each of these elements should be dictated by the building project. Obviously smaller builds need slightly less planning than larger ones. But one element that should not be skipped over is the budget and timeline.


The budget should give you an accurate idea of the costs of the building materials and labour, as well as the timescales for each phase of the build. Once you have completed a first draft of the budget and timeline, you will be able to see if the building project falls within your means financially, and you can then decide which elements you can do without.


At LUGINA we are experts at building project management, giving you an accurate measure of exactly how your building project will pan out. Based on individual specifications, it will include a detailed breakdown of building materials and labour costs and an accurate timeline for each project phase. With prices startng from just £200 with unlimited modifications, opting to have us produce an accurate building project plan should be a no-brainer for any build worth over £5,000. To get in touch and discuss you requirements and for a no-obligation quote give us a call on the number above. There's no better time than now to start your building project. It's a phonecall away.


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