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These days there are a number of structural engineers offering online structural calculations from as little as £60. These involve the client (you) sending the structural engineer all the necessary measurements and building parameters (materials, etc) and the company doing the structural calculations based on this information. All good so far.


The downside is that because the structural engineer has not taken the measurements themselves, they have a strong tendency to "over-specify" the engineering requirements. They will often specify for example two or three sizes of steel beam greater than what your building project actually requires. The concrete padstones will be bigger, you'll need more steel reinforcement in your concrete, which has to be the strongest grade there is, and so on. From the point of view of the structural engineer, they've got nothing to lose: they get paid for the structural calculations, they have no worries because they massively over-estimated the requirements, and they are not then responsible for paying for the materials specified and the labour required to install them. From the client's point of view the whole exercise can be a false economy: you might save £500 on your structural calculations, but you'll spend an extra £1000 on building materials and labour because the calculations are over-specified.


LUGINA understands this dilemma (and yes, we've been through it). The structural calculations service we provide aims to strike a healthy balance between the over-specified online calculations and the overly expensive tailored option. The LUGINA service has the following advantages:



Our prices are simple and straightforward: click here for our latest price list. We can also give discounts for multiple calculations.


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